Patriots Legend Reveals Bill Belichick ‘Biggest Mistake’ In 2022

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick rarely makes a mistake, but a former Patriots linebacker believes that the legendary head coach made a big one in 2022.

New England finished the regular season with a losing record. It was a disappointing season for players and NFL experts are still looking for answers. Where did things go wrong?

Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi believes that Joe Judge and Matt Patricia had wrong positions at the sideline. Bruschi claims that Belichick was never supposed to use Patricia as an OC and Judge as a QB’s coach.

“I think that the biggest mistake that Bill made was this: He overestimated his players’ ability to handle that type of change,” Bruschi said on Get Up. “That’s what I think the problem was.

“Because when they’re looking around and they don’t know who the offensive coordinator is, they see Judge, they see Patricia, they see confusion. They didn’t have anybody in there to say, ‘Hey, fellas, stop. This is the way it’s going to be. Let’s all get on the same page,’ from a player perspective. That’s what they didn’t have and Bill overestimated his players to do that.”

Bill Belichick will fix the 2022 mistake in 2023

Belichick has plenty of time to repair the damage. He has an entire offseason to create the perfect plan. Will Patricia and Judge keep their positions? The Patriots head coach didn’t reveal much about his future plans.

When it comes to Judge, he will have a different role in 2023. Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated reported that Judge will be an assistant head coach next season. It’s a big role for the experienced coach. Judge will be responsible for the things Patricia did in 2021, something “between scouting and coaching.”

“I think people are making the mistake of looking at this as like all of a sudden now he’s second in command in the organization. He isn’t,” Breer said on NBC Sports Boston. “I think this should be taken very literally that he’s going to be taking things off of Bill’s plate in some ways. It’s gonna be like the role that Matt Patricia served in two years ago in 2021 in that he’s gonna be a liaison between scouting and coaching. He’s gonna have some head coach-like duties to what he does. And part of that I think is gonna be to free Bill up to do a little bit more.”