Photo Of NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal, Kansas City Mayor Goes Viral

Shaquille O’Neal knows how to make people talk and his most recent appearance put the mayor of Kansas City in a rather uncomfortable position.

O’Neal has made a name for himself over the years. He is one of the best NBA players in league history, and yes, matching his height is almost impossible. Shaq is a big guy and his NBA opponents know it best. The same goes to Mayor Quinton Lucas.

A photo of Shaq and Lucas went viral within a few minutes after it was taken. The NBA legend traveled to Kansas City for the opening of his restaurant at the airport. Mayor Lucas was there to greet Shaq and take a few pictures. We can’t really imagine Lucas put on an NBA jersey. He is not really tall, right?

O’Neal sparks huge discussion after posing with the mayor of Kansas City

The mayor made fun of his height before everyone else does. He is a funny guy after all.

“Kansas City, you do not have a tall mayor,” Lucas tweeted. Well, a lot of people came across his tweet.

People joined the game in the comment section and it was wild.

“Dude there ain’t many people that would stand next to that guy and not look short,” one user replied.

“Not even to his shoulders made me giggle. Good news is being tall isn’t a requirement for being a good mayor,” wrote another.

“I’m sure it’s just the camera angle,” a third user wrote.

The camera angle? I don’t think so.

No matter how hard he tries to stay out of the spotlight, Shaq always finds his spot in the big news. That’s what you get for winning all those games and breaking all those records. His private life is not really private as people are dying to get some spicy info about his next move. Shaq doesn’t like being popular, but he can’t change much in that aspect.

Mayor Lucas had great time that day and we believe Shaq feels the same way about the hilarious encounter. Big men like him don’t really go unnoticed.