Patriots Veteran Player Echoes Bill Belichick With Mac Jones Evaluation

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made a good evaluation of Mac Jones and his potential on the football field. Well, Jones was brilliant in his first season with the Patriots, but struggled in year 2. Belichick tried to shop him early in the offseason, but Jones doesn’t seem to be going somewhere at this point.

Veteran cornerback Jonathan Jones shared his thoughts on the Patriots and their current QB issue.

“I think Mac has the ability, and I think it starts there,” Jones told co-host Clarence Hill on Josina Anderson’s The Crew podcast. “I think Mac has the ability to be a good quarterback in this league, and I think what he does with it is between him and the coaches. There’s a lot that goes into that. But he has the ability to be a top quarterback in this league.”

Patriots coach Belichick will play smart with his Mac Jones evaluation

Belichick has yet to name his future franchise quarterback. Jones is listed as the top option for the Patriots and Bailey Zappe could easily take the position behind him. However, there’s still so much to discuss and Jones may slip to the second position.

The Patriots changed the offensive staff. Josh McDaniels is no longer part of the Patriots and the offensive staff will look even more different in 2023. Bill O’Brien has joined the team and his arrival could be a game-changer for the Patriots.

“I would say (Mac Jones) is a competitor,” Jones said. “He came in every day ready to work. And I think for him, being in Year 2 and not having consistency from Year 1 is a lot. That’s a lot for a player you asked to come in from college, to learn a system and then all his rookie mistakes that he’s made and his growth, you come in his second year and say, ‘OK, we’re going to learn something all new again.’ So there’s a lot going into that and not having consistency. A lot of players go through that when they come in and the coordinator leaves or changes. Having that consistency, it makes it a little easier for a player.”