Bill Belichick Accused Of Sabotaging Jets With Patriots Draft Day Trade

Robert Kraft decided to trust Bill Belichick many years ago and this trust helped the New England Patriots win a lot of games. The Patriots head coach made a lot of bold moves over the years which earned himself a bunch of haters. The New York Jets are definitely on this side of the “game.” Belichick’s moves pushed the Jets to the side on so many occasions. Yes, their rivalry has been making headlines for many years. Belichick initiated a trade in the 2023 NFL Draft and added fuel to the fire.

Belichick neutralizes the Jets with his draft trade

An unnamed NFL general manager discussed this topic with Jason La Canfora from The Washington Post. According to this person, the Patriots head coach prevented the Jets from selecting former Georgia left tackle Broderick Jones.

The Pittsburgh Steelers went from 17th to 14th pick, settling themselves right ahead of the Jets.

“They should have had to give up a (third-round pick) and not a four to move up there. Belichick did it just to **** the Jets. He sold low because he knew the Steelers were going to take the kid the Jets wanted to take.”

According to another personnel executive, Belichick did this on purpose. The Jets couldn’t get Jones and it worked on favor of the legendary head coach.

The Jets wanted Jones for several reasons. He could protect Aaron Rodgers and make things easier for him. Jones would be the perfect fit for Rodgers and Belichick did his best to stop this. The Jets would become a lethal force in the division, putting the Patriots in a dangerous position.

Belichick’s rivalry with the Jets started in 2000. He joined the Jets as their head coach, but decided to leave this position and become a Patriots head coach.

Enter Spygate. Former Belichick assistant and then-Jets coach Eric Mangini said the Patriots filmed their sideline. It’s one of the biggest scandals in league history and fans of opposing teams still talk about it. It’s interesting to note that this scandal didn’t even put a dot on Belichick’s impeccable career.