Lakers Superstar LeBron James Shades Warriors Role Player In Post

LeBron James seems to have beef with at least one Golden State Warriors player. The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Warriors in the series and this loss was a big bite for some players. JaMychal Green is one of them and LeBron decided to teach him a lesson.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr set the fire. He said Lakers players flopped to get calls. He was pretty frustrated following the Game 4 loss to the Lakers. LeBron said his teammates weren’t flopping to get calls.

“I just know that we, our coaching staff and us players, we don’t work on flopping,” LeBron said. “That’s not even a part of our game. Our game is to attack, attack the paint. We don’t mind physical contact. We actually like the contact, and we don’t shy away from it, so we’re just not a team that goes out there looking for flopping opportunities.

“That’s just not us. It’s never been — it’s actually never been any team that I’ve played on in my 20 years, where we’ve been a flopping team. But it is what it is. They have their right to say what they want to say.”

LeBron destroyed the Warriors player

Green added fuel to the fire and called “cap” on LeBron’s statement. He posted LeBron’s quote and added a huge blue cap on his head.

LeBron doesn’t usually let other players get under his skin. He doesn’t pay any attention to outside noise, but couldn’t miss the opportunity to trash Green. Let’s just say the Warriors “role player” was asking for it.

LeBron took to his Instagram account to share photos from the series against the Warriors and even added Drake’s “Tuscan Leather” to his post. The connection?

Bench players talkin’ like starters, I hate it,” sings Drake.

This is an iconic response to someone who was excessively confident about their team. Green thought his Warriors would come out of the series with a win, but they are losers.

LeBron has nothing but respect for Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kerr, and the rest of the guys, but he had to make sure Green keeps his mouth shut.