Lonnie Walker IV Makes Statement On Being Reinserted Into Lakers Lineup

The Los Angeles Lakers made some adjustments and beat the Golden State Warriors in Game 3. It was a good night for everyone on the Lakers side and Lonnie Walker IV was definitely happy to join the lineup.

Head coach Darvin Ham added Walker IV to the rotation and the talented player saw 24 minutes of action. He scored 12 points while shooting 4-of-6 from the field and 2-of-4 from beyond the arc.

“It felt like a dream,” Walker IV said of the game. “I’ve been talking about being able to play in the playoffs and playing some type of atmosphere like that and I had the time of my life. I can’t explain it. Taking it day to day and just being ready.”

Lonnie Walker IV added a good boost to the Lakers lineup

Walker stepped in as a replacement for Troy Brown Jr. and yes, Ham made a really good decision to bring him in. Walker watched the Lakers head coach create his game plan for each and every game and followed his instructions.

“Just understanding the game plan,” Walker IV. “Staying disciplined. Understanding who we’re guarding. KYP, know your personnel. And being on the sideline for so long, I’ve learned so much from hearing Bron, hearing AD, D’Lo. There’s so much knowledge in the court that I’ve just been a sponge and consuming. So I’m just happy that it’s slowly starting to transition on the game once I get an opportunity to play and just take it day to day.”

The Lakers won two games so far. They have enough capacity to beat the Warriors. Stephen Curry and his teammates won’t make things easy for them, but the Lakers are ready for the ultimate challenge.

“We got so much firepower,” Walker IV said. “I mean, D’Lo had I’m pretty sure our first 13 if not 15 points. We got Rui. I can go to the bench one through 15. We have so much offensive power where we just gotta understand our role and match our big dog’s energy.”

Lakers players had issues prior to the trade deadline. However, the front office made some changes and brought players who acted like a glue and kept everything in place. The team has great chemistry and their dominance was obvious on May 6.