Patriots’ Options ‘Not Ideal’ At Key Position After 2023 NFL Draft Selection

The New England Patriots didn’t do much during the 2023 NFL Draft and had coach Bill Belichick definitely missed an entire key position. The Patriots were supposed to boost their right tackle unit, but it didn’t happen.

Chad Graff from The Athletic asked a few serious questions about the Patriots’ right tackle unit, mentioning whether the Patriots are really confident about Riley Reiff, Calvin Anderson or Conor McDermott. According to Graff, Reiff “wasn’t a starter from the get-go for the Chicago Bears, then they wanted to move on from him. Same for Anderson with the Denver Broncos.”

Trent Brown is fine at left tackle, but the Patriots have to switch their plan regarding the right side. Reiff and Anderson had serious struggles in 2022 which puts a huge question mark on Mike Onwenu’s head. Will the Patriots make him switch positions?

The Patriots will probably keep Onwenu inside because he is “built to play guard”. Belichick gave him a starting job and Onwenu has done a really good job with the team.

The Patriots ignored this key position during the draft for a reason

Brad Spielberger from Pro Football Focus ranked Onwenu among the best at his position in pass and run-blocking last season. In 17 games with the Patriots, Onwenu surrendered just one sacks and two quarterback hits.

Onwenu can still replace Marcus Cannon at right tackle in 2023.

Belichick selected two guards in the draft, meaning he is serious about his future plans. Onwenu will enter the open market in 2024 and the Patriots may not be willing to give him a lot of money.

Cannon has yet to find a home in the NFL. There are several other options for the Patriots this offseason. George Fant and Ja’Wuan James could still get a one-year deal with the Patriots.

It’s a tricky situation for the Patriots and Belichick has to play smart with this one. There’s no room for mistakes. The Patriots haven’t won a title since 2018 and Robert Kraft is not happy. Let’s just say he’s a bit frustrated. Will Belichick make an unexpected change? Let’s see what happens in a few weeks.