Patriots Advised To Trade Super Bowl Winner To Packers

The New England Patriots could be sending one Super Bowl winner to the Green Bay Packers through a trade and experts support this move.

Jalen Mills may leave the Patriots due to depth issues within the organization.

Alex Ballentine from Bleacher Report says the Patriots should really consider trading Mills to the Packers. He insists that Mills does not belong to the Patriots anymore. He discussed Mills’ position switch and the long term effect. Mills has been on the trade block for quite some time. He was linked to several teams, but he is still here. Mills is a versatile player and Bill Belichick respects him, but he may face serious struggle in 2023.

“The Patriots moved the former corner to the safety room, but Kyle Dugger, Adrian Phillips and Jabrill Peppers all appear to be ahead of him. Then there’s rookie Marte Mapu. He’s played at linebacker, but he’s also taken snaps in safety alignments.”

Patriots may have another role for the talented veteran before agreeing to a trade with the Packers

Playing safety could have a huge impact on Mills’ time with the Patriots. Adrian Phillips and Kyle Dugger will have starting roles with the Patriots and they both can play multiple positions. This makes them ideal options for the Patriots and Belichick will make sure they stay around for a while.

Dugger can do cornerback and go in the slot. According to Matthew Judon, Dugger is one of the Patriots’ uniforms on defense.

Mills was equally effective in his seven years with the Patriots, but Dugger and Phillips have greater impact against the run.

There could still be a role for him. Devin McCourty announced his retirement not so long ago and Mills could be the perfect replacement for him.

Mills is an experienced, flexible veteran who can perform at a high level and he is on a one-year deal. Will the Patriots keep him around for a while? We will have an update on this in a week or so. Patriots have to make a decision and we can only make predictions at this point.