Lakers’ LeBron James Teases Status For 2024 Summer Olympics

The United States didn’t won in the semifinal of the FIBA World Cup on Friday and we have people discussing LeBron James and his role for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Team USA will definitely gather more talent in 2024. They won’t give up without a fight. Experts predict a strong roster and expect to see LeBron suit up for the big game. It would be nice to see the GOAT on the floor, right? Yes, there are also stories about other players suiting up. Devin Booker and Kevin Durant are among the top names mentioned in this story. The same goes to Jayson Tatum. Will these guys suit up?

LeBron would definitely steal the show. He knows the narrative. LeBron’s army of fans would definitely be there to cheer on the big guy. King James is hyped to win and doesn’t even plan to retire at this point. He could easily take the leadership role in Team USA. Well, let’s not rush into conclusion. LeBron hasn’t played since 2012.

LeBron to shine at Summer Olympics once again

The four-time NBA champion may be out of the Summer Olympics plan for years, but he is well aware of everything fans say. One particular comment suggests that LeBron would return to Team USA sooner than expected.

LeBron took notice of the comment and responded with an eyes emoji. His return would definitely make the best headlines in 2024. Imagine him playing alongside Tatum and Booker. LeBron and Durant on the same team? That would be insane!

We have a few good reasons to believe that LeBron will gladly add another gold medal to his name. He’s been there before. He is the greatest basketball player of all time, remember?

LeBron made a big splash early in the offseason. He didn’t make the NBA Finals with the Lakers and fans started speculating. There are also fans suggesting that LeBron would call it career and use his time off to take care of his business. He will prove them wrong.