Bill Belichick Defends QB Mac Jones From Valid Criticism After Career-Worst Game

The New England Patriots suffered another loss and things do not look too good for their signal caller. Quarterback Mac Jones received another unhealthy dose of criticism following the loss to the Dallas Cowboys, but head coach Bill Belichick took his side.

Jones entered the NFL as a good prospect and the Patriots really hoped to see his best football on the field. His rookie campaign was great and Jones did his best to help the team win more games. Well, his second year with the Patriots wasn’t that good and Jones made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing has changed. Jones entered his third season with the Patriots and analysts are disappointed. According to them, he had the career-worst performance in the game against Dallas. The former Alabama quarterback threw for 150 yards and did three turnovers. As if this wasn’t enough, Bailey Zappe replaced him in the third quarter of the game. What happened on the field last Sunday?

Head coach Belichick defends Jones, ignores criticism

Belichick defended his player. He knows that Jones is a good player, but he is also aware of the criticism he has received.

“Well, I mean, everything gets highlighted by one or two plays, one way or another,” Belichick said during a video call. “In general, I think he makes pretty good decisions. He sees things well. But obviously, as a team, we can’t win turning the ball over three times in a game, two for touchdowns.

“We’ve got to do a better job of that. That’s everybody’s responsibility. The quarterback’s part of it, so is everybody else.”

Fans were surprised because Belichick doesn’t really give excuses to defend players. Jones had a bad day and that’s all. He will keep his starting job and continue giving his best shot.

Belichick and other coaches will have to find a way to bring Jones back on the track. They do not have any other option at the moment and Jones is the best they got on the squad. Let’s hope for the best.