New Details Revealed On Malik Cunningham Status With Patriots

The New England Patriots have a serious issue to deal with as neither quarterback has been able to make an impact. The team has lost nine games so far in the regular season and the situation doesn’t look good at all. Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe got their chance to show what they got, but the results are far from ideal. NFL analysts encouraged Bill Belichick to use Malik Cunningham as a quarterback, but the Patriots has something else to say.

It’s interesting to say that Cunningham actually took reps during the media period at practice on Wednesday. Zappe was seen throwing passes, too. Mike Reiss from ESPN reported that Jones wasn’t throwing passes in that part of the practice.

Patriots to use Cunningham at QB?

Cunningham had a chance to play in the game against the Las Vegas Raiders in October. He was also active in the preseason. Belichick used him as a wide receiver in practice and that’s exactly what he said on Wednesday.

“We didn’t move him back anywhere. He’s been playing wide receiver all year. He’s also played some at quarterback,” Belichick said.

Cunningham has an army of fans in New England. His a rushing touchdown in the preseason had fans raging. Belichick has great respect for Cunningham and his skills, but decided to keep him on the practice unit.

“Well, there are other players practicing at quarterback, as well. He’s not the only guy out there,” Belichick said. “It depends a little bit on the offense that we’re seeing.

“So, if we are seeing offenses run plays that he’s very good at running, teams like Philadelphia, the first Miami game, then you know, he gets, I mean they’re practice squad reps but they’re also reps on things that he does.”

Patriots players will have to gear up for a tough finale of the season. They will have to go against strong opponents and using Cunningham seems like a good idea right now.

“So, he’s kind of a unique player,” Belichick said about Cunningham. “Things aren’t so straight-lined with him. He’s different than probably every other player that we have on the team. So, he’s handled a little differently.”