Bill Belichick Son Returns To Patriots In 2024

Bill Belichick may be out of the New England Patriots, but his son Brian is definitely staying around in 2024. The legendary head coach parted ways with the organization after two decades. It was the biggest headline of the offseason, but Belichick did the best for him. So did the Patriots. When it comes to his son Brian, he will soon enter his ninth season with the Patriots.

Mike Reiss from ESPN was among the first to confirm the news.

The Patriots hired Brian as a scouting assistant in 2016. He remained on the same position for three years and then joined the Patriots defense. Brian joined forces with Jerod Mayo and they will continue working together. Mayo is the new Patriots head coach and Brian won’t have trouble adjusting to the new system. We do assume that Mayo plans to make big changes in the offseason.

Belichick’s other son, Steve, joined the Washington Huskies as their defensive coordinator. Steve was part of the Patriots for over a decade. He decided to take his talents somewhere else following his father’s departure from New England.

Belichick and his other son left the Patriots

The Patriots tried to keep Steve and Brian on the staff. Many believe that the Belichick brothers would have joined whatever team hires their legendary father.

Belichick has yet to join a NFL organization. He was linked to several teams, but he is still a free agent. The former head coach had some talks with the Atlanta Falcons. It didn’t even happen, probably because of Belichick’s relationship with Rich McKay. We do not even know if Belichick even wanted to land a new job in the NFL.

Belichick was the Patriots general manager as well. Now they are hiring Miami Hurricanes general manager Alonzo Highsmith to fill the position. Former Cleveland Browns coach T.C. McCartney will work with Patriots quarterbacks. Fellow Browns coach Scott Peters will work with the offensive line.

One thing stands for sure. The Patriots will look a lot different in 2024.