Lakers’ LeBron James Shares Honest Take On Plans For Final NBA Season

LeBron James is the best basketball player of all time, but he will have to play his final season at some point. The four-time NBA champion will have to call it career sooner or later despite his elite performance. I mean, LeBron can’t play forever, right?

He will definitely play with the Lakers next season though. There was a huge speculation about LeBron and his potential trade to the Golden State Warriors. The king of basketball doesn’t even think of leaving the Lakers now. He did drop some scary hints, but it’s all good. LeBron is not going anywhere.

LeBron has yet to make a decision on his final season

How much time does he have left? Will he play a few more seasons? LeBron can definitely do that. One thing stands for sure. He hasn’t made any plans about his final season. So, yes, he will just go with the flow.

“I have not mapped out how many seasons I have left — I know it’s not that many,” LeBron told the media ahead of the 20th All-Star game on February 18. “I was asked this question a couple days ago: Will you kind of take the farewell tour or will you kind of just Tim Duncan it?

“I’m 50-50, I’m gonna be honest. There’s times where I feel like, I guess, I owe it to my fans that’s been along this journey with me for two decades plus to be able to give them that moment – whereas every city and whatever the case may be, and they give you your flowers whatever the case may be. That seems cool.”

“The other side of it is, I’ve never been that great with accepting praise. It’s a weird feeling for me. Never really talked about it much, but it’s just a weird feeling for me.

“To go in each city – if that’s the case – I don’t know. I’ve seen [Michael Jordan], I’ve seen Kobe [Bryant]’s, I’ve seen a lot of guys,” LeBron added. “I just don’t know how I feel. I don’t know if I will feel great about it. Maybe the only child in me; maybe. But I don’t know.”

LeBron is focused on winning a title with the Lakers now. His team made some mistakes early in the season, but players got back on track.