Lakers Target Trae Young Addresses Trade Speculation

The Los Angeles Lakers may consider making a move for a few trade targets and Trae Young is definitely one of them. The team has been linked to the player for quite some time. As you may be guessing, Young heard all the rumors about his potential trade.

“It’s part of it,” Young said of recent trade rumors. “I mean the best players in the game have all been traded. Some of the few lucky ones have been blessed to be drafted in situations where they can win championships and it all be perfect for them — they can stay in that one situation forever. And that’s what I wanted to do with Atlanta. But who knows?

“This is the type of league where things change and it happens but my mindset is in Atlanta right now and I don’t get caught up in all the rumors and stuff. My contract is locked in for a couple of years so I don’t have very much saying it right now.”

Young did a great job in the All-Star game, leading the East to an incredible win over the west. He did add some strong points to the 211-186 win.

Dave McMenamin from ESPN discussed Young’s potential to sign with the Lakers. The franchise showed great interest in signing him. Cleveland Browns star Donovan Mitchell is also an option.

Marc Stein mentioned the “Trae Trade Watch” a week ago. NBA teams will have to play smart with their competition on the market.

Lakers may be serious about the Young trade

The Lakers are definitely adding power to the roster, as Kendrick Perkins noted. Will they really make a move to get Young?

“The Lakers need to stay in path and get through this season,” Perkins said on the “Pat McAfee Show” on February 16. “Have a run because another superstar is on the way this summer. I can’t reveal who that is… they trust me not to add this information out who that player is going to be. This superstar, actually is the perfect fit, not only for LeBron like it’s a match made in heaven for Anthony Davis.”