LeBron James Shortly Answers Lakers Trade Deadline Questions

The Los Angeles Lakers were expected to make some moves, but the front office is pretty quiet. Lakers superstar LeBron James had something to say about the trade deadline. Well, he did mince his words, but the message was clear.

“This is who we have, so there’s nothing else to talk about,” the four-time NBA champion told the media following the win over the Charlotte Hornets. Reporters wanted to know if the Lakers plan to adjust their roster.

LeBron and the Lakers have been mentioned in trade talks for quite some time. He added fuel to the fire with his reaction to a pregame interview in which LeBron said he planned to join the New York Knicks in 2010. LeBron just posted an emoji of the Statue of Liberty and a King crown. He also did a postgame interview “donning” a Knicks towel.

LeBron scored 26 points and 7 assists in the 124-118 win over the Hornets. He did 24 points against the Knicks a few days ago.

Lakers may not opt to make a move at the trade deadline, LeBron knows it

Will Rob Pelinka consider making more moves in order to push the Lakers to the playoffs? According to LeBron, Pelinka is the one to make a decision.

“It’s not a question for me,” LeBron told reporters. “I love who we have in the locker room. And that’s all I worry about. I don’t get caught up in that [trade rumors].

“We’re gonna go out and prepare ourselves every single night no matter what it is. No matter who’s out on this team. No matter what. So it’s my job and it’s [Anthony Davis’] job as the two captains to make sure we keep the main thing the main thing. The main focus is now: Thursday’s game at home. And look forward to that matchup.”

There’s still time to make a decision. Will the Lakers look different after the deadline? The team won 8 of the last 12 games. Let’s just say Pelinka is happy with his current roster.