Robert Kraft Debunks Talks About Patriots Holding Back In Offseason Spending

The New England Patriots lost a lot of valuable names in the last few seasons, including Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The team signed and released many players, but analysts believe that the organization didn’t spend too much money in the process. Well, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has something to say about offseason spending.

Belichick was the Patriots head coach and de facto general manager. Jerod Mayo stepped in as his replacement. Will he continue the tradition and not spend much in the offseason? One thing stands for sure. Belichick may not be part of the team, but Kraft has nothing but praise for his leadership over the years.
“I know there’s a perception that we have held back on spending. Let me just say, for our fans, that’s just not true. Look, we were blessed to have a coach in our system who was a great coach and also understood value. He ran a tight ship,” Kraft said about Belichick.

Kraft let the former Patriots head coach spend as much as he wants in the offseason

The Patriots didn’t really need to spend much either. They had a bunch of great players on the roster. Brady wasn’t receiving crazy deals which helped the team save a lot of money.

“They say we’ve been low spenders in the last 10 years. That might be true but we had a pretty good record. And we won three Super Bowls. But, our coaches have always had the ability to spend at whatever level they wanted,” Kraft said.

According to Kraft, the former Patriots head coach was a master of the concept of value. Patriots owners supported every move Belichick made. Finances were never an issue and Kraft delivered a strong message for everyone who doubts his claims.

They’ve been able to get whatever they want. If cash spending became an issue for our family, and we couldn’t do it, then I would sell the team. Winning football games, after my family, is the most important thing in my life,” Kraft noted.