LeBron James’ Nike LeBron 4 Releasing In ‘Eggplant’ Colorway

LeBron James’ lifelong deal with Nike gave us some of the best shoes in history. Nike LeBron 4 stepped into the spotlight 18 years ago. Nike made a great release and fans went crazy. These sneakers reflected the aggressiveness on the basketball floor back in the days. Guess what… LeBron Nike 4 is making a comeback and fans will get an opportunity to wear monster shoes again

Nike first released the shoes in 2006. Experts would agree that the Nike LeBron 4 is the best signature shoes LeBron has ever presented to the world. They are dominant and perfect and yes, designers made these shoes for the best of the best.

Nike LeBron 4 has the perfect colorway

Basketball fans remember the Nike LeBron 4 as the monster shoe. It was a heavy-duty design, but “on-court” fashion changed. In the 2010’s, fans switched their focus on lightweight wear. Fans and players preferred lighter shoes that were also more comfortable and wearable. The Nike LeBron 4 weighed 19.5 ounces. The Nike Kobe 8 released in 2012 weighed 9.6 ounces.

LeBron’s gorgeous shoes may be heavy, but they are making a great comeback. The retro boom surprised many fans and it seems like the “Antracite” colorway was a clear shot. According to sources, we have a “Fruity Pebbles” coming our way. The Nike LeBron 4 will be decorated with the “Eggplant” colorway which makes it even more exciting.

NBA legend Penny Hardaway wore shoes with the Eggplant colorway in 2009. Everyone seemed to love the metallic and deep purple shade.

The new sneaker reads Black/Varsity Purple-Blue Tint and has an icy blue translucent outsole. These shoes also have the popular ankle straps this time in black suede. The Nike LeBron logo painted in black.

We have a few good reasons to believe that the new sneaker will become a staple on the basketball court. LeBron does his best to expand his retro pieces and bring old fashion back.