Patriots Reveal Plans For Tom Brady Hall Of Fame Ceremony

Tom Brady cemented his spot in the New England Patriots Hall of Fame many years ago. The best quarterback of all-time led the team to six Super Bowl wins. Brady was the ultimate leader on the football field.

The quarterback left the Patriots to finish his season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He came to New England to challenge his former team as a Buccaneers quarterback. Brady returned to Foxborough once again to attend the home opener in September. Patriots fans couldn’t hide their excitement!

Brady’s return to New England was a big deal for Patriots fans. Team owner Robert Kraft said that the organization will skip the waiting period and honor Brady on June 12, 2024. The former Patriots quarterback will be enshrined to the team Hall of Fame in three months. Patriots are throwing quite a celebration.

“For the first time, the Hall of Fame ceremony will be hosted inside Gillette Stadium to accommodate as many fans as possible,” the official Gillette Stadium website says. “The ceremony will be held the evening of June 12, 2024. Patriots executives chose the 12th day of the sixth month as two of the numbers most often associated with Tom Brady’s Patriots career; his six Super Bowl championships and his iconic uniform number, 12.”

Brady earned his spot in the Hall of Fame, Patriots honor his legacy

Brady had a key role in the Patriots dynasty and sure deserves more than a halftime ceremony. The enshrinement will take place at Gillette Stadium in front of Brady’s loyal fans.

“Patriots fans didn’t get an opportunity to appropriately thank Tom when he left,” Kraft said back in September. “I wanted to give them that opportunity. Unfortunately, a halftime ceremony just doesn’t provide enough time to honor Tommy the way he deserves.”

We couldn’t agree more. Current and former Patriots players will attend the ceremony. It will be nice to see Bill Belichick congratulate Brady on his enshrinement, right? These two set up the foundation of the Patriots dynasty after all.