Spencer Dinwiddie Shares Lakers’ Unique Championship Formula Behind LeBron James, Anthony Davis

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers with one main goal. Win titles. The Lakers front office signed a bunch of new names over the years and tried to build strong rosters. LeBron and his teammates did a spectacular job on the floor. Signing Anthony Davis was another brilliant move and the big man was the right partner for the four-time NBA champion. LeBron and Davis do their best to help the Lakers win a championship. They have already won one.

Let’s not forget that the Lakers won a title in the middle of the pandemic, inside an NBA bubble. The Lakers beat strong opponents and found a way to win a championship.

LeBron and Davis missed time due to injuries in the last few seasons, but they look good now. The Lakers made the Western Conference Finals last season. They have a strong chance to do the same this season as well. The front office didn’t bring any new players ahead of the trade deadline. They didn’t need new names to make things work.

Lakers players play elite basketball and LeBron plays great minutes on the floor. The same goes to Davis. LeBron missed a few games due to a wear-and-tear soreness. Lakers fans aren’t really worried about his health condition.

LeBron, Davis, and Co. to lead the Lakers to a title

According to Spencer Dinwiddie, the Lakers have found their way to the top. They know how to win a title with this squad.

“I think for us to win a championship, 3-through-15 has to just be fine with whatever, you know what I’m saying?,” Dinwiddie said. “Completely focused, locked in, understand game-to-game changes, not have too many self-expectations in a sense. Like you can’t go into a game and be like, ‘Damn if I don’t get 20 it’s a bad game.’”

LeBron and Davis embraced a leadership role, but their teammates have strong performance each night as well.

“You gotta just go into it and be like, ‘Okay, what’s the gameplan?’ Locked in, defensive mentality, and then just hoop from there,” Dinwiddie said. “Because the two juggernauts gonna do what they do, you feel me? But 3-through-15 has to be sacrificial in the mindset of like, ‘What does the team need?”