Anthony Davis Sums Up LeBron James’ Career Night After Lakers Defeat Nets

The Los Angeles Lakers added another win to their chart after the great game against the Brooklyn Nets. LeBron James led his teammates to an incredible win, scoring 40 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. He showed his dominant side once again and Anthony Davis had great words for his performance.

“It’s always great to watch,” AD told the media on March 31. “Most points in NBA history and just continue to add to it. But the way that he shot it tonight, masterful.”

LeBron joined the Lakers with one major goal and he takes it seriously. The four-time NBA champion has won just one title with the team, but we have a few good reasons to believe that he won’t retire without adding a few more to his resume.

The Lakers had some issues with their shooting, but LeBron is not really worried about it.

“I don’t ever have to lean on it,” he said of his three-point shooting. “I’m not one of those guys that wanna go out there and shoot 12, 14, 15 threes a game. But I want to be respected and teams have to play me from the outside. I know that’s still kind of one thing that teams still want to be like, ‘Okay, if we have to give up something, we’d much rather him shoot the ball from the outside.’

Shooting the long ball and also making my free throws. That’s been important for me this season and the last few seasons honestly.”

Lakers won another game led by LeBron, he got honest after beating the Nets

LeBron is all-in when it comes to winning games. He works hard to elevate his teammates and help them win. He is in his 21st NBA season and the clock is ticking. Will he stay around for longer?

“Not very long [left],” LeBron said. “I’m on the other side of the hill, obviously. I’m not gonna play another 21 years, that’s for damn sure. But not very long. I don’t know when that door will close as far as when I’ll retire. But I don’t have much time left.”