Insider Lists $215 Million All-NBA Guard As Laker Trade Target

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to several players and guard Trae Young is definitely a top trade target. The front office has to plan the future and build a roster that doesn’t revolve around LeBron James. They do need to consider adding a third star that could step in when LeBron or Anthony Davis suffer an injury. Is Young the right player to join the purple and gold?

Jovan Buha from The Athletic discussed this scenario and made a few important points.

“They are going third star hunting this off-season,” Buha said. “Now who’s available? The one name I continually hear is Trae Young. He’s been to Laker playoff games before, he’s a Clutch Sports client. That’s probably the most realistic one right now.”

The Atlanta Hawks could agree to a trade for Young, but they will definitely ask for a few top picks and some of the younger talented players. Rob Pelinka may be forced to give up on Austin Reaves, D’Angelo Russell or even Rui Hachimura.

“Now, of course, whether they get him is going to come down to whether they are willing to put all three picks, two picks in a deal. Is it Austin (Reaves) and Max (Christie)? Is it just Austin? And you got to have the matching salary of course. Is that Rui (Hachimura)? Is that (Jared Vanderbilt)? Do they send (D’Angelo Russell) there as well? There’s a lot of different ways that can play out, but my understanding is yes, they are going third-star hunting.”

The NBA guard reacts to being Lakers trade target

Young heard all the rumors about his potential trade to the Lakers. He didn’t reveal much about his future with the Hawks, but did mention that he’d love to win a championship with his current team.

“They’ve never won a championship in Atlanta,” Young told Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks on Tuesday, March 5. “Like doing that, like me getting drafted [it] felt like it was a match made in heaven. This is something I want to do. Like I can defeat the odds here too.

“So for me, my whole vision was always to be here like my goal was to win championships. Bring people here with me and build this championship [culture] here, dynasty here. But who knows, like it’s your six now. And who knows? Like for me, I want that [championship].”