Patriots Tried To Make This Trade In Round 1 In 2024 NFL Draft

NFL analysts mentioned the New England Patriots in several trade scenarios regarding their picks in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Patriots were expected to trade their round 1 pick and get multiple players, but it didn’t happen. The Minnesota Vikings contacted the team in order to make an offer for the No.3 trade. New England was locked in on Drake Maye and decided to proceed with their plans to get him. Maye is now a Patriots quarterback and is determine to compete for the starting quarterback position. According to multiple sources, the Patriots were interested in another trade. They wanted to get another Round 1 pick, but it didn’t work.

Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo discussed another trade option for the team. This trade was supposed to give them a first-rounder, but they had to wait and make a move in Round 2.

Patriots got more than a Round 1 trade

Mike Reiss from ESPN reported that the Patriots contacted the Buffalo Bills for the final selection in the first round of the draft.

“The Patriots had a trade offer on the table to the Bills late in the first round on Thursday night, according to a source,” Reiss wrote. “The Bills were at pick No. 32 (after a trade back with the Chiefs), but instead of dealing with their AFC East rival Patriots for No. 34, they chose Carolina’s offer to slide back one spot to No. 33.

“Receivers Xavier Legette and Keon Coleman were selected at 32 and 33 before the Patriots traded back from 34, so one can deduce the Patriots had either Legette or Coleman as their target — or possibly both. My hunch is Legette.”

The Patriots didn’t complete the deal and drafted Ja’Lynn Polk at No.37. They also selected UCF’s Javon Baker in the fourth round. Mayo and Co. have nothing to be worried about at this point as they grabbed a couple of strong prospects.