Patriots Expected To Work Out Former All-XFL Offensive Lineman

Jerod Mayo has great respect for the legacy Bill Belichick left behind. Although he kept a big chunk of the system intact, Mayo did introduce a great number of changes. The New England Patriots will look different in the new season and they are not done making changes. The Patriots offense lacks depth and Mayo considered working out an offensive lineman in order to improve their punch. NFL teams usually add extra players to make sure they have all positions covered in case of injuries.

James Larsen from Pro Football Newsroom confirmed that the Patriots have scheduled a workout for XFL offensive lineman Liam Fornadel. Fun fact? The Green Bay Packers plan to work him out as well.

Fornadel was great at James Madison University. He started 41 of the 55 games he played from 2017 to 2021. His great performance caught the attention of top experts and earned praise for his dedication. Fornadel earned First Team All-American honors in 2019 and Second Team accolades in 2021.

Patriots found a great offensive lineman in Fornadel

The talented player could be an ideal option for the Patriots. He was brilliant in 2023 and played all snaps for the DC Defenders. Fornadel didn’t allow a single sack and showed great consistency on the field. His brilliance earned his position on the 2023 All-XFL team. In other words, Fornadel would make an impact on pretty much any team he joins.

The 6’4’’, 312-pound frame makes Fornadel a great target for most NFL teams. Mayo can definitely get the best of his physique on the football field in 2024.

The Patriots will make a few additional moves to improve their offense. They have a few holes to take care of. Andrew Stueber is no longer part of the team and undrafted free agent wide receiver David Wallis stepped in as his replacement.

Mayo has to add strength to his group and improve the left side of the offense. Who is the next to join the Patriots roster?