Tom Brady Shares Awesome Photo Of His Family Riding Horses During Vacation

Tom Brady enjoys every minute of his free time. The Patriots training camp will begin in a week, and Brady has enough time to ride horses in Costa Rica.

The Patriots quarterback is in Costa Rica, and this family vacation is the best way to get ready for the tough season.

So, Tom, Gisele and the kids enjoy the sunny weather, and they are on an adventure. All the time. Members of the Brady-Bundchen clan like horses, and that’s their favorite vacay activity.

TB12 shared a few photos through his Instagram stories, and in one of them, we can see the little Vivi helping her dad.

Brady has a special place in his big heart for Vivi, and she is his greatest supporter. He lets her do anything, remember?

“I let my daughter do basically anything she wants, which is a little bit of a problem in the house,” he said of the girl. “The boys I’m definitely tougher on, but it’s so hard with a little 3-year-old girl who just look at you and smiles and she knows exactly what to say to get her dad to do exactly what she wants.”

The boys are different, and Vivi is always by her father’s side. She’s daddy’s little girl! And cheerleader, of course.

“And V, she’s the little cheerleader,” Brady explained. “She’ll tell me, ‘Hey Daddy, did you hear me? I said go daddy go!’ And I’ll go, ‘Of course I heard you!’ The kids bring so much perspective to our lives and they’re just the most beautiful things in our life, so joyful. The fact that they’re getting older and they get to share this with me is really creating so many memories, obviously for them, but for me too in ways that were different when I was younger. So it’s really a cool thing for them to be here.”

Brady has been playing football for two decades, and he knows it won’t be easy this year. But, he will do his best, and hopefully, win his seventh ring. That’s what the Patriots nation hopes for. Another Lombardi Trophy.

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