Bill Polian Makes Shocking Statement About Julian Edelman’s PED Suspension

Julian Edelman is facing a four-game suspension for violating the performance-enhancing drug policy. He plans to go against the National Football League, and prove everyone wrong. Edelman claims he is innocent, and he has two good reasons to go forward with the fight. Bill Polian made a statement on the case, too.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano says that the League “made mistakes in the manner in which the tests were handled,” suggesting there was also “a mishandling of the documentation and delivery of Edelman’s test results.” Let’s not forget that the NFL was also unable to recognize the substance in Edelman’s body. This contributes to his defense, and Edelman is more than positive that he will win this battle. Does Bill Polian agree with him?

Remember the DeflateGate? The League is known for its “practice” of punishing Patriots players for shady reasons.

Here comes the big one. The former Indianapolis Colts exec is taking a hardline stance against Julian Edelman. Polian is the person who convinced the League to bring changes in he rules for pass-defense, because of course, the Patriots kept defeating his players. So, this time Polian went on ESPN, and made a rather confusing statement.
“Players are responsible solely and completely for everything they put in their body. There are no exceptions to that. Third, if there is a substance they cannot recognize, that would be a red flag,” he said.

Tony Dungy is no exception when it comes to making arguments against the New England Patriots. “There is NO excuse big enough to justify this. it’s one thing to go back on your word to an organization. But, having assistant coaches leave jobs to go with you then leave them out to dry is indefensible. For COMFORT??” Dungy tweeted of Josh McDaniels. He also made comments on how Tom Brady is the sixth greatest quarterback in the NFL history.

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