Devin McCourty Reacts To Illness Scare Situation With The Patriots

The England Patriots are playing the Houston Texans on Sunday, but the team has some serious concerns at the moment. Flu season is here, and the Patriots locker room is here. Eight players missed Wednesday’s practice due to an illness, including cornerback Stephon Gilmore, linebackers Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins, offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn, safety Patrick Chung, tight end Ryan Izzo, cornerback Joejuan Williams and offensive lineman Jermaine Eluemunor all missed practice Wednesday. Patriots captain Devin McCourty addressed the situation, saying he hasn’t seen anything like this in his 10-year career.

McCourty said some of the players who arrived at the facility were sent back home, because the situation is really serious. The flu issue was discussed last week because Marcus Cannon was sick and fought through his condition during the game. New England is packed with tough guys, but flu is unpredictable.

The captain said that he is used to seeing his teammates just being sick. But, things got really worse on Wednesday, and he could tell that players got sick by looking in their eyes.

“It was rough today. We had a lot of guys come in here and got sent home,” McCourty told media members. “Those are tough situations. You don’t know how you’re going to feel. But, you know, we talked about last week [Marcus] Cannon is a guy who was sick all week and fought through the game. So we’ve got a lot of tough guys, but we’ve got to kind of see how it goes throughout the week. 

“For me, in my 10 years here, this is probably the most guys I’ve seen be gone with just being sick. Guys came in, you look in their eyes and you could tell they were just out of it. So hopefully a day at home with meds and rest will help guys out.”

Devin McCourty needs his team healthy

Cannon struggled through his illness in Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys. Head coach Bill Belichick praised him for the efforts.

Patriots players will look to follow in Cannon’s footsteps in the game against Houston.

Several players have already talked about the situation at the facility. They all agree that washing their hands is the primary preventative measure.

Special teams captain Matthew Slater said coach Belichick had already told them to stay germ-free.

Wide receiver Phillip Dorsett sat out Sunday’s game, but didn’t forget to drink his Emergen-C. Everyone has to try to stay healthy. Washing their hands, taking their vitamins and hoping to avoid the flu bug.

Houston is a tough opponent, but the Patriots have everything they need to win the game. Of course, the offense needs to try harder, and players have to stay healthy. Confronting a tough team with sick team won’t be an easy task, and hopefully, the situation will improve by Sunday. Tom Brady and his team are traveling to Houston to play their Week 13 game. Game on!

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