Cleveland Cavs’ To Offer LeBron James The Largest Contract in NBA History!?

LeBron James is about to spill the truth about his next move, and fans really hope that he will make the right decision. The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying really hard to keep him in the team, and sources reveal that LeBron could actually have the biggest contract in the NBA for the offseason.

LeBron will probably opt out of his $35.6 million player option for the next season to join the group of free agents. The four-time MVP could also become the highest-player in the NBA, which could actually exceed the deal Stephen Curry signed.

If James goes with another team, he will have almost no chance of signing a five-year, $205 million max contract that waits for him if he stays with the Cavs. The NBA star will sign a four-year deal, and it will be worth up to $150 million. That’s the exact amount he will get if he signs with another team.

James’ networth is $400 million, meaning that he isn’t playing for dollars. He will play for rings only, and that’s what matters in his game.

If LeBron becomes aware that the Cavs could give him the opportunity to win the fourth NBA title, he will definitely stay in the family. Money means nothing to him, and he will only go for the title. That’s how stars roll, and LeBron is quite a star.

Suitors still hope that LeBron will accept their offer, but he did’t even honor to field the recruitment pitches. He isn’t interested in any of those dinners and Power Point presentations. He will also do what’s best for his family, and that’s exactly what he said during an interview. His family is important, and he will sure ask for their opinion. LeBron is a big guy, you know, and big guys have big hearts. He proved that on the field.

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