Here’s When LeBron James Will Make His Free-Agent Decision

Fans are raging over LeBron James’ final decision regarding his possibility to become a free agent. The NBA star is about to make a bold move forward, and suitors hope to sign him in. But, the big LeBron will probably go the other way around.

What will he do next?

LeBron has about a week to decide whether he will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He can also sign with another team. The Los Angeles Lakers really hope to land him, but their hopes may be just too high.

LeBron will have to decide until June 29 whether he will opt into the last year of his contract with the Cavs. If he decides to become a free agent, he will be able to do so after July 1.

LeBron’s decision is the hottest topic these days. Fans do hope that he won’t wait for too long before informing them of his final decision.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst went on The Lowe Post, and expressed his opinion on the matter. “Everybody will be on holiday on July 4, it will be over by then,” Windhorst announced.

If you take into consideration LeBron’s history, this is pretty earlier than usual. Remember “The Decision” interview on July 8, 2010? James spoke about his plan to return to the Cavaliers on July 11.

So, everything is somehow associated with his decision. Let’s just wait and see what will the NBA star do next. Maybe he will stay with the Cavs… Maybe he will sign with another team…

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