Patriots Make 5-year-old Kid From Boston’s Hospital Dream Come True

Children need our love, especially if they are sick. Every child deserves the best in this world, and that’s exactly what Patriots think. A group of Patriots rookies decided to visit the Boston Children’s Hospital, and give someone a full support.

The boy’s room was suddenly willed with people, and Felix honored them with a big smile. He couldn’t even stay in bed, and his excitement was too big. Patriots knew what they were doing.

Felix joked with the group of visitors and tricked everyone into missing his cute high-fives. Danny Etling, Darren Andrews, Ryan Izzo and Keion Crossen didn’t get a high-five from Felix, but their hearts were filled with love, laughter and kindness.

Each of them has already had an opportunity to visit a hospital in their hometown, and they also visited hospitals in college towns. However, the Boston Children’s Hospital is still the place to go. They are able to meet so many people, and increase the impact.

“It’s the little things that matter. With us just going in there, even speaking or passing by one of the little kids in the hallway and waving at them, we ultimately made their day, week, month,” Isaiah Wynn said.

There are about 400 beds in the children’s hospital. This means that every visit has a rather contagious effect, because children’s smile brings joy to everyone’s heart. This is important, because those children need to take the best care they can, and what’s better than a smiling staff?

“Just coming to see and bring some joy, and they’re bringing joy to us and a lot of energy. It’s just awesome,” linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley said.

He recognized the joy when he visited Dean, the 15-year-old patient from Stoughton who also jumped out of his bed when the group entered the hospital. It was definitely an experience for them all, and the kids will never forget this.

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