Report: Former Patriots DB To Serve Jail Time For Shocking Crime

Brandon Browner can’t stay out of trouble, and he’s actually going to jail now. Reports confirm that the police arrested Browner for battery and child endangerment in May. The 33-year-old cornerback was convicted as he plead no contest to the charges. This puts a tiny black dot on the Patriots name.

Browner was first sentenced to probation, and now he has to serve jail time, as he violated the probation from a previous case. The Patriots star is sentenced to 60 days in jail, and he only serves 2 due to overcrowding.

2017 was a bad year for Browner. He was arrested in several occasions. In May, the police arrested him for being under the influence and possessed controlled substance (read cocaine). Browner was arrested several months later on a felony charge for threatening an unidentified woman. 2016 was bad, too. Browner was put under investigation for assaulting the parent of his child’s mother. He was never charged in the case.

The Super Bowl champion is arrested for the third time, and this will be his fourth investigation since he put an end to the professional football career. browner officially retired in 2017.

The Seattle Seahawks give him the last chance in the National Football League. In 2017, Browner was brought in the training camp for the position of Bradley McDougald. He was later cut in an attempt to help him get a job before the 2016 season. Instead of doing this, Browner became a free agent, and eventually retired.

Browner became a top name in the league as an original members of the Legion of Boom, and he played opposite of Richard Sherman in the Seattle Seahawks defense. In 2014, he became a member of the Patriots family.
The cornerback star has 2018 career tackles, 55 pass deflections, 12 interceptions, and three forced fumble.

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