Report: New England Patriots’ Roster Reaches Historical Height

The last Super Bowl wasn’t the best event for the New England Patriots, and they didn’t win their sixth title in franchise history. But, the team was surprised in a good way, and this time it’s their roster.

The New England Patriots have an excellent roster. The good news came from Pro Football Focus.
The team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52, but they’re ready for another great run.

So, the Patriots’ start of the offseason was pretty rocky, and now they’re recovered. They managed to fix almost everything in the team. Every hole, every crack.

Dion Lewis, Malcolm Butler, Danny Amendola and Nate Solder went in free agency, and the Patriots were left without their key names. Brandin Cooks is now traded to the Los Angeles Rams. However, they got some solid players in free agency and the draft.

What happened next? They can brag around with their talented rosters. According to Football Focus, New England’s roster is at No. 4.

The Super Bowl champion Eagles are at No. 1, and the Atlanta Falcons take the second position. The New Orleans Saints are third, and the Minnesota Vikings are ranked right below the Patriots.

Every player is graded during each game. Elite are those who receive a grade of 90+. Everything under this is considered good and high-quality. There are average and bellow average players, too. Let’s not forget the poor players.

Quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski are the only elite players. There are six poor players, and the others didn’t register a grade or were rated as average and high-quality.

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