Kirk Cousins Describes Tom Brady’s Playing Skills, And It’s Hillarious

Tom Brady knows how to give the best of his talent. This man is the best thing that has ever happened to the New England Patriots. Well, many would agree that he is the best player that has happened to the National Football League. Let’s see what will Kirk Cousins say about this.

Some say Brady isn’t the fastest player in the field. But, he sure knows how to maneuver within the pocket. The Patriots quarterback’s footwork and pocket presence are something we read about pretty often. Kirk Cousins talked about it, too.

Brady was ranked first on NFL’s Top 100. Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins talked about his mobility, and no, he didn’t use the conventional route.

“When we prepared for the Saints, we watched the Patriots against the Saints. Some of the plays he made, he threw a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski off schedule, just hanging in the pocket. I see that as mobility. I see that as extending the play. It may not be running around. Sometimes running around, he may look like a baby giraffe, but he finds a way in the pocket to keep his eyes down field when there is chaos around him and deliver throws time and time again, especially in big moments,” the quarterback said.

We’ve heard people calling Brady the GOAT, but not many use to call him “a baby giraffe.” We don’t really know if he will find this hilarious or not. It’s definitely something he should think about.

We can only imagine the other names Brady is being called. It would be super funny to ask players about this. Who knows… maybe his next nickname would fit well next to his name.

Game on, Brady, you’ve got the ball in your hands. The season is yours, and Patriots fans are waiting for another miracle.

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