Report: NFL May Have Erred In Julian Edelman Drug Test

The National Football League decided that Julian Edelman won’t play for four games because he violated the performance-enhancing drug policy. But, it seems like the League may have erred his drug test, and now the player will do his best to get back on the field.

Edelman promised to tell his side of the story, and he’s pretty confident about it.

ESPN’s Dan Graziano reported about Edelman’s appeal of the four-game suspension, noting that he “plans to mount a vigorous defense that questions the NFL’s handling of his case.” This seems a bit frightening, and fans can’t wait to see the further development of events.

Albert Breer of the MMQB issued a report, suggesting that the substance the player is suspended for “wasn’t immediately recognizable,” and scientists were still working on it at the tame. So, what really happened back then?

According to ESPN, the wide out will use this as a main pillar for his defense. The other support for his defense is the “mishandling of the documentation and delivery of Edelman’s test results.” The investigation showed that the NFL made big mistakes in the handling of Edelman’s test. So, the wide out will argue the mishandling of any evidence in an effort to lift the suspension.

The wide out has quite strong arguments, and he will also use the help of New York-based attorney Alex Spiro. The attorney will give him directions in the battle against the league. Spiro is known for his assistance of NBA players in their “tough times.”

Graziano didn’t leave out the possibility that Edelman takes the case to federal court if his appeal doesn’t provide any results.

It really looks like a strong case, and the player will sure have to prove that the NFL made a mistake. This is a top scandal these days, and Edelman hopes for a positive outcome.

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