Trey Flowers Make Another Major Hint About His NFL Future

The New England Patriots are off to making big changes to the roster, and they are now ready to complete a trade that would give them Michael Bennett. This trade may actually spell the end of Trey Flowers and his time in New England.

Trey Flowers will become free agent next week, and he is really similar to Bennett. Flowers is set to sign a contract that would give him $17 million annually. So, are the Patriots trying to replace Flowers?

Everyone was interesting in this development of events. Flowers tweeted a nice hint that gives us a lot to think about.

“My daddy say don’t count the chick until the egg hatch,” he wrote. What does this mean?

This happened after Flowers appeared at the Springfield Thunderbirds AHL last week. “This is NO. 6. We want seven,” he said.

“I get better each and every year, but for me it’s not all about the numbers,” Flowers said about his game recently. “It’s about how I affect the game as far as helping my team win. Anytime I can create plays to put my team in position to win, I’m all for that.

“It’s definitely coming together. It’s one of the things that we have to build ourselves on and it starts in practice. We go from the practice field and bring it to the game field with execution on Sundays. It’s just one of the deals that you have to play your top football at this point of the season going against some great teams. You’re going to have to be able to execute well on Sundays.”

Gregg Rosenthal and Chris Wesseling say Flowers is the seventh-best free agent for 2019.

“While Flowers is more of an interior player or a 3-4 defensive end rather than a prototypical pass rusher, he can make noise from a variety of positions. He’s the perfect Swiss Army Knife for a modern defense that changes fronts on a down-to-down basis, and he’s already been the most disruptive presence on a Super Bowl championship team.”

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