After Brandin Cooks Leaves, Patriots’ Top Player’s Agent Is Demanding ‘Gigantic Bag’ of Money

Chris Hogan is likely to get a hug bag of money, all because of departure of Brandin Cooks. Well, he’s got every right to ask for such privilege, right? Hogan is in the prime position to receive millions of dollars next season.

The New England Patriots wide out entered the final year of his three-year contract worth $12 million. But, he’s about to agree to an enormous deal. Brandin Cooks left, remember?

Everybody thinks that Hogan will follow the same steps of his former teammates Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola. They left New England in an effort to seek for more lucrative deals. And that’s exactly what happened.
Cooks was traded to the Rams, and LA gave him a five-year extension worth $80 million. Amendola inked a two-year deal worth $12 million. The Dolphins were more than happy to land him.

Hogan’s agent Erik Burkhards says that his client is probably in the line for a major payday. “You saw Cooks get his bag. With him gone and [Danny Amendola] gone and Jules looks like he’s going to have to sit for the first month, [Hogan] is in a good spot, baby. I’m going to get him a gigantic bag of cash. He’s next,” Burkhardt said.

Hogan was a brilliant contribution to the Pats offense. So, there’s nothing to be done now that Cooks and Amendola are gone.

Danny Amendola is pretty excited about his teammate, and he seems to be trying to make an impact. “He’s a beast. I heard he’s in great shape. He’s running good. Jules was kind of giving me the low-down on the state of my friends and my old teammates and [Hogan] I heard he was running fast,” Amendola said.

Well, it seems like Hogan will get all the money after all. Good luck!

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