Bombshell Theory On Edelman’s Suspension Announcement Is Reveiled

Have you ever heard of the good ol’ Friday News Dump? It’s a strategic move when important news are released late on a Friday afternoon. Wonder why? This is the time when users are logged off from their computers. The weekend is about to start, and just a very few people will learn get the big news.

So, the NFL used this tactic to announce the two-game suspension for Reuben Foster. They also announced the suspension of Aaron James. The same story went for Jamon Brown.

But, there was no announcement on Julian Edelman’s suspension appeal. It’s been a week since the Patriots wide receiver went through the appeal hearing. What did happen next? The National Football League waited to use the Super Late Holiday News Dump in Edelman’s case. The info of the appeal denial broke after 7 p.m. on July 3. This sets a brand new standard in the world of burying stories.

Many fans believe that the NFL keeps trying to stick it to the New England Patriots, and yes, Edelman is a Pats’ player. So, why did the league try to bury the story?

The American public always join into a “meh” reaction to such news regardless of the player involved. This is the only theory we can come up with after all these years. The NFL supports the PED policy only because it MUST. We can’t really say that the league will be too upset if no player ends up getting caught.

We’ve been hearing about the suspension case for a full month, and the denial was not a huge info. Imagine what would’ve happened if we heard about Edelman’s suspension just a few days ago? Horror.

Remember the story of Akbar Gbaja-Biamila? He’s a perfect case of a NFL player and PEDs. “Every game I played after [my first NFL game], I took a shot of Toradol. I felt like it gave me an edge, but in reality I was just on an even playing field because this was customary in every locker room around the league. Any game-day pain you felt disappeared until you woke up the next morning,” he explained.

Well, yes, players do take supplements and drugs that give them a leg for the game.

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