New England Patriots Named As Potential Landing Spot For Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon may bring his story with the Cleveland Browns to the end as the team is now seeking trade for the wide receiver.

The Cleveland Browns are willing to release Josh Gordon in case they don’t reach a deal over his contract. We don’t really think that the deal won’t come to pass. Everyone is looking for a gifted wide receiver, and the Browns won’t give up on Gordon that easy. Remember the time Gordon lead the league in receiving yards despite being active in 14 games? The wide receiver player in just 11 games since, and comes accompanied with a huge risk. But, some teams are willing to accept the risk when it comes to signing Josh Gordon. He’s really talented, and no team will ever miss that.

Gordon is a difference maker, and he will definitely be signed by a NFL team. Of course, every deal is possible if you take into consideration the right circumstances. Gordon has small cap number.

Odds Shark has unveiled their initial odds on Gordon’s next team, and we were really surprised to go through the list. The good news is that he has great chances of inking a deal with the New England Patriots. For a good compensation, of course.

The Patriots are in a desperate need of a wide receiver. Julian Edelman will be suspended in the first month of the regular season. The team lost Kenny Britt, Jordan Matthews, and Malcolm Mitchell. Riley McCarron is released, and the Patriots do hope that Corey Coleman would fill in.

Josh Bordon will definitely be a nice match, and he will sure be the most talented receiver on the Patriots’ active roster. Will the team manage to land Gordon? He will sure help them win the Super Bowl. Let’s wait and find out.

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