Damian Lillard Has Responded to The Lakers Trade Rumors

We’ve heard a lot of rumors regarding fishy trades, and the latest includes the name of Damian Lillard. Some said he was the player to wind up on the Los Angeles Lakers with King James. The Portland Trailblazers point guard is born in California, and some say that he and C.J. McCollum need a break.

According to ESPN NBA insider Stephen A. Smith, Lillard could be traded to the Knicks or the Lakers. Lillard’s name has been associated with the Lakers for quite some time now.

But, it’s time to bust the myth. Lillard won’t go anywhere.

When asked about the rumors about his future, Lillard chose the best response.

“I’m not unhappy. I love where I live, I love the organization, I love our coaching staff, I love where I am,” he said.


He went on expressing his hopes that Portland goes all-in.

“It’s going to be a battle. The way I see it, you’re going to have the Golden State’s, the Rockets. We were the third best team in the West and every other team behind us, they brought their guys back. So they’re going to be one more year experienced together, probably going to be a little bit better. Teams like Denver, Utah and Minnesota, all those teams are going to be improved. So, us, we can’t look at free agency and who we didn’t get and (say) we didn’t make this trade and all that stuff. Once the season starts, we’ve got to go. And we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do … we’ve just got to find a way to make it happen,” he said.

So, this will be a nice season. There were multiple trades, and big names ended up being part of awesome teams. Let’s see what happens next in the league. Good luck everyone!

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