Faithful Fan Fixes Vandalized LeBron James Mural in Los Angeles [VIDEO]

LeBron James decided to leave Cleveland for good, and this infuriated some of his greatest fans. They thought he’d retire in the Cavs uniform, but the king has other plans in his mind. He became a free agent, and then signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. The team was more than happy to welcome the great king in their squad, but some just weren’t ready to see LeBron in the golden-and-purple uniform. What did haters to? They wandered in LA streets and vandalized the mural.

Well, it’s not like they destroyed one particular mural. These vandals actually put a mark on every single mural painted in honor of LeBron.

The departure of LeBron from Cleveland disappointed some folks, and they couldn’t do anything but show their disrespect for the basketball idol.

Some say that this was a job performed by fans of Kobe Bryant. Yes, we know that these guys think Kobe is superior to LeBron, but, hey, they’re both excellent in what they do. There’s no need for comparison or silent wars.

Kobe Bryant will always be a favorite in southern California, but the Lakers have already accepted LeBron as their own. So, why make things harder than they actually are?

The Lakers organization wanted LeBron in the team, and they got him for $154 million. Well, this man is worth more than all those millions. People love him. Let’s go back to the vandals.

Not everyone is a vandal, let’s get that clear. Some people are just happy to have LeBron around. They even fixed his murals!

“Lakers mural already being fixed. Gotta stop disrespecting people’s art man and leave your opinions at home. Lebron effect is crazy,” a Twitter user wrote.

The battle between LeBron and Kobe fans will go on forever. But, they’re both stars and they’re both amazing in their own way. Should we add more?

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