Jimmy Garoppolo Opens Up About Brady, Belichick And His Almost Destructive First Day as a 49er

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The former New England Patriots quarterback wasn’t really in the center of all events lately. However, he decided to talk a bit about Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. Jimmy Garoppolo decided to share the story of the Illinois kid who grew up into a quarterback star. He also made comments on Brady and Belichick. Oh, yes, his first day as a 49er was almost fatal…

“There would be days where one of us would win and you wouldn’t talk to the other for a little while. We’d be fine the next day, but it was one of the best things for me. We would push each other and we got two Super Bowls out of it,” Garoppolo told his side of the story.

His former teammate hasn’t made any comments on Garoppolo’s story yet. The same applies to Belichick. But, Garoppolo has an interesting opinion of his approach as a coach.

“There was no BS’ing around. I related to him in that way, as crazy as it sounds. He’s different than he is with the media. He has dry humor — he would say some stuff that was borderline mean. He would put up a lowlight clip every once in a while, and it was always your worst throws from practice. He would put it up there, and you already knew what was about to happen. Any position, there are so many people on the outside hyping you up and saying good things, that everyone needs to be brought back down,” the former Patriot added.

It’s interesting to note that Garoppolo was convinced he had a chance to beat out Tom Brady in several occasions. “I’ve always had that mindset. I knew that [Brady] was better than me in my first day in the NFL. Naturally, you’re the rookie and he’s the veteran, but you have to have that mindset, that you want to be the starter,” he said.

He didn’t forget to talk about the swerving car that crossed the median on I-95 on the way to the airport about 10 hours after he came to the west. The car somehow avoided Garoppolo’s limo en route, and here we are today, looking forward to another Super Bowl win.

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