Kevin Love Opens Up About LeBron James Leaving Cavs, Sends Him an Emotional Message

LeBron James made the most incredible plot twist in his basketball career, and his move still makes headlines across the world. The departure from Cleveland was a big deal for both LeBron and his family. But, they were really supportive, and approved his decision to sign a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. This shocked the world of basketball, but some players actually stood by him. Kevin Love. That’s everything you should know about this.

It wasn’t easy for LeBron to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Kevin Love knows it. Everything is still good in his team, if you take aside the fact that the entire load is on his shoulders. But, the All-Star can take it all.

Love had an interview recently, and of course, he was asked about LeBron’s moving to Los Angeles. Reporters wanted to know the way he found out about LeBron signing with the Lakers. He was also asked about the message he sent to his former teammate.

“I was actually in Montauk. I was in the Hamptons and I was sitting next to a couple really good friends, and I just looked down at my phone and said ‘Oh, Bron just signed a $154 million contract with the Lakers. I said ‘OK, gotta make a few calls.’ So I stepped out and that was that. Texted him later that night, told him I loved him, told him I appreciated him and good luck,” he said.

That’s how real men behave. Imagine what would this be like if some other player was involved. They’d make him crazy, and yes, some would even call LeBron a traitor. But, he just did the right thing for his career, and Love understands that. It’s just something big players do. By ‘big’ I mean players like Kevin Love and James LeBron.

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