Watch: LeBron James Shares Video Of Kids Performing Adorable Dance During NBA Hiatus

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James may be out of the floor, but he is definitely having fun during the NBA hiatus. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver confirmed that the league has decided to suspend the regular season. This forced players to stay home. Every NBA game has been canceled now, and we won’t see players in the next 30 years. Players have enough time to have fun with their loved ones. Professional athletes don’t have a lot of time for their families. The coronavirus outbreak actually forced them to stay home. So, what do you do when you stay home? Make videos. That’s exactly what LeBron did. He shared a video of his kids and their dance skills.

LeBron’s kids have insane dance moves

LeBron always does that. He is a proud father of three, and he always shares pics and videos of his two sons and Zhuri. The little girl has a special place in his heart, and the boys are future basketball stars. Both Bronny and Bryce like the game, and LeBron’s oldest son is actually winning games with his Sierra Canyon High School team. Bryce is an excellent shooter, and he works on his passing game now.

Zhuri is their cheerleader, and she isn’t interested in basketball. She likes to cheer everyone up, and she even has a YouTube channel. On her channel, Zhuri shares videos and tips of her choice. In one of her videos, she was cooking with her dad. The big LeBron James sat next to his daughter and cooked a raw dessert. That’s what makes him a great dad.

LeBron may be winning games with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he always finds time for his kids. He attends every game Bronny plays. Of course, he does that on his days off. LeBron is the best coach his kids will ever have. He is the GOAT, remember?

The GOAT will have to stay home now. Making cute videos will turn into his specialty. Yes, LeBron can do that these days. He will have plenty of time to work out and get ready for the next game. If there is such a thing. The NBA season may be over.