LeBron James Goes Chest-To-Chest With Ja Morant After Game-Sealing Dunk In Lakers’ Win

The Los Angeles Lakers went against the Memphis Grizzlies and it was an important game for the team. They had to win the game and players understood the assignment. LeBron James and his teammates did an excellent job, celebrating a 123-120 win. One thing caught everyone’s attention and it was the clash LeBron had with Ja Morant.

The four-time NBA champion was listed as questionable for the game against the Grizzlies. He didn’t miss the game and finished the night with 37 points. His game-sealing dunk shocked Grizzlies players. It happened 10 seconds before the end of the game. Memphis was close to tying the game, but LeBron was there to make a show with his reverse jam.

LeBron, Lakers needed the win over Morant and his team

It was a good moment for the Lakers superstar and he decided to show off in front of the Grizzlies bench. Morant was there to shove him and it was a big moment for basketball fans.

The Lakers had an opportunity to seal their win earlier. However, LeBron stole the show and it was a good win.

The team can still get out of the 9/10 match in the play-in tournament. LeBron and Anthony Davis played 40+ games, meaning LA is pretty serious about the playoffs. The big man missed the previous game due to an eye injury and illness.

Lakers players will go against the New Orleans Pelicans in Game 82. Their seeding depends on other games around the NBA, including the one between the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.

LeBron, Davis, and the rest of the Lakers players have to do their best to finish the season with great result. They lost easy games early in the season and affected their current record. Let’s see what happens in the play-in tournament. If things don’t go well, Darvin Ham may be forced to look for a new job in the offseason. NBA analysts have already discussed his future with the Lakers.