Lakers Star LeBron James Drops 3-Word Message On Health After Blowout Loss

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a big blow in Game 2 of the series against the Golden State Warriors. Anthony Davis had a disappointing game, delivering just 11 points and four turnovers in 33 minutes of action. LeBron James talked to the media following the blowout and turned down all rumors about any existing health issues.

“We feel great,” the four-time NBA champion said.

The Warriors made big changes and used Draymond Green against AD. They also changed the starting lineup. These changes did wonders for the team. The Warriors were brilliant altogether. In 31 minutes of game, Klay Thompson scored 30 points.

“They made their adjustments. We knew they were going to do that, that’s what a championship team does,” LeBron said of his opponents. “They held serve on their home court tonight.”

The Warriors won’t give up without a fight and LeBron knows it better. He and Stephen Curry played a lot of games against one another.

“You know, they’re gonna go on runs,” LeBron said. “But you got to keep scoring. Try to hold the fort down, obviously.”

LeBron has no concerns about his health and the blowout loss

It was a disappointing loss for the Lakers, but LeBron trusts his squad.

“We’re still the best defensive team in the league,” LeBron said. “So that doesn’t change and that’s what we hang our hats on. But like I said, you give credit where credit is due. Klay was spectacular tonight. Draymond was great in the pocket pass with the rolls and things of that nature.”

JaMychal Green joined the starting lineup and his presence was felt. LeBron and the Lakers have to try harder in Game 3 and avoid making similar mistakes. The Warriors will switch records and adjust their game plan, but Darvin Ham won’t let his players lose without a fight.

“JayMychal gave him them big time minutes — just [13] minutes felt like 24 or 30 minutes. He was big-time for their team in a starting role tonight,” James said. “You have to give credit where credit is due and we move on to the next game. But our defense is where we hang our hat and that doesn’t stop, no matter what you are playing against.”