Lakers Exec Announces Change of LeBron James’ Position

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers, and fans agree that this was the ultimate contract in his career. The four-year contract is a big deal for LeBron’s career, and it seems like he will bring changes in the team. So, the Lakers have something they call “death lineup,” and LeBron will play the center position next season.

An anonymous team exec said that head coach Luke Walton plans to surround King James with Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma. What a lineup! Isn’t this an award-promising lineup for the Lakers? It sure is!

“The roster we have in October may no be the same come February,” the front-office added an essential caveat.

“It won’t feel real to me until I see James in training camp. It’s still hard to believe,” said a Lakers exec.

The Lakers don’t rush to add a second star player. They missed out on Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard is with the Raptors. ESPN’s Chris Hayness said that Leonard isn’t super excited about playing for Toronto, so the team has enough time to make him change his mind before the free agency period.

“We may not see this on day one, but the coaching staff is eager to see our version of the [Warriors’] Death Lineup with Lonzo [Ball], Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, [Kyle] Kuzma and LeBron,” another Lakers exec said.

So, things are getting pretty hot in Los Angeles. The arrival of King James was a big change itself, and now the execs think of something even bigger. The addition of the brilliant NBA star to their team was a real thing, and LeBron James is already getting used to the pressure on the basketball court in LA. How will things develop in near future? Let’s just wait and find out.

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