Lakers’ GM Has Revealed The Real Reason LeBron Left The Cavaliers Last Month

Still talking about LeBron’s departure from Cleveland Cavaliers and his $154 million deal?

Everybody is still buzzing around LeBron James’ four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. We hear pretty much a lot about his alleged reasons to do such move and leave the Cavaliers. Now Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka revealed the only reason King James to make such move.

James’ contract is out of this world. He decided to make such move after losing the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

The Los Angeles Lakers were 11th in the Western Conference, and they still dream of making the play-offs next season. Will the addition of LeBron James help here?

So, what made the king join such a youthful team? He may not even get a chance to win any Championship rings.
Pelinka decided to talk, and you better pay attention to what he has to say.

“LeBron made it clear to Earvin [Magin Johnson] and me that it was one of the things he was so excited about. We all know when you’re hanging around youth, it’s exciting. I keep thinking it’s going to add fuel to his rocket pack, just to be around young, energetic guys who play fast and play hard. There’s an innocence to being able to shape them and mold them. I think a player at LeBron’s career stage, it’s going to be really incredible for him to feel like he’s giving back to the game and helping shape these young guys,” Pelinka said.

“He didn’t necessarily have that experience the way the Cleveland team was built. So we purposely wanted this team to be built very differently than the past one he has played with. I really think the youth is going to be a mutually beneficial thing. Bring joy back to him, being around the young guys, shaping their careers. And then of course the influence he’s going to have on making those guys better. We’ve seen that here before with Magic shaping a team, with Kobe shaping a team. Now it’s LeBron’s turn to have a blank canvas to put his imprint on the DNA of this team,” he added.

Is this enough?

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