Lakers Visualize New Role for LeBron Next Season

LeBron James joined the big Lakers family, and this put him in the center of all events. Fans were excited to see him go to Los Angeles, and it seems like LeBron will face a bunch of new changes.

The Lakers are getting ready to ease the load of their newest player. James LeBron is a superstar, and deserves the best he can get. So, instead of having him handle the game and control every possession, the team’s management decided to prioritize playmakers in free agency. Rajon Rondo is in the fold, and the Lakers can let LeBron to post up in the future stages of his great career.

“Lakers prioritizing ‘tough-minded playmakers’ who’ll allow LeBron James to post up more,” sources confirm.


Let’s get things straight. The Cleveland Cavaliers roster was packed with one-dimensional talents that couldn’t take the pressure off King James. If we go back to Los Angeles, we’d notice that Magic Johnson’s core offers youth and versatility for the big star.


The Lakers sign playmakers, and the team are focused on “tough-minded” free agent stars. This goes well for the overall identity of LeBron’s organization, and also brings the physical mindset back to the big city.

We’ll see some more adjustments created for this specific role, but LeBron will eventually extend his prime.


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