LeBron James Broke Down Social Media, After Posting Amazing Video From His Sons

LeBron James is the ultimate player in the NBA, and the best of his is yet come. But, aside from being a perfect basketball player, LeBron is an amazing father. He’s married to Savannah, and they have two sons and a daughter together. His family success is even greater than his awesome results on the basketball court.

Savannah is LeBron’s high school sweetheart. They are proud parents of three kids, and make sure that their sons and daughter get all the love they need. LeBron James Jr., Bryce Maximus James, and Zhuri Nova James are the names you will be reading about in the years that follow.

Both LeBron and Savannah don’t miss a chance to show the awesomeness of their kids.

LeBron has also shown that he’s the biggest fan of his kids. We have seen all the pics and videos they have share so far. Cuteness overload.

This time King James posted a brilliant video of his son, and yes, we saw all the love there. It’s nice to see that the NBA star is “the ultimate hype man for his son.”


The greatest NBA player enjoys all the time he can get with his family. This is his well-deserved time off, and what’s better than spending some time with his cute family?

James finished the last season with the Cavs, but didn’t win the championship. The end of the season was followed by rumors and speculations, and most of us thought that he’d stay with the Cavs for at least a year. But, this didn’t happen and LeBron headed to Los Angeles. He signed a magnificent four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, earning $154 million.

The next season will be awesome on so many levels, and we’re looking forward to the best game ever. Go, LeBron!

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