LeBron James Goes Ballistic, Busting Out Dance Moves To ‘I Will Survive’

King James decided to celebrate his recently signed mega-contract in Italy with his family. And boy, did he celebrate it.

On Thursday night James was seen ‘raising the roof’ at Taverna Anema e Core Capri, while the house DJ was spinning the famous 19790 Gloria Gaynor track, “I Will Survive.”

LeBron was in the best mood, busting out some dance moves and dancing like nobody was watching, except the entire island of Capri, who couldn’t take their eyes off the NBA star.

James and his wife enjoyed the night and didn’t seem to mind the attention; by now, they’re used to it.

While dancing, LeBron fired up a cigar, completely ignoring the entire bar full of people who pulled out their phones and shot videos and pictures of the King.

LeBron sure looks casual, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie among everyone else in the club who is dressed up in button-up shirts and fancy clothes.

Italy is just the latest stop on James’ envy-inducing summer trip schedule. Before he jetted to Los Angeles to sign his contract, he was in Anguilla with his family, staying in a casual $75,000 a week villa which included a full-time chef, butler and additional staff, as well as an infinity pool, home theater and direct beach access.

It’s all fun and relaxation right now before James begins to focus on making the best of the upcoming season and earning that $154 million paycheck.

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