LeBron James Shares Cute Video Of Him Playing Basketball With His Daughter

Apart from being an amazing basketball player, LeBron James has awesome personality. The NBA star uses his free time to play with the kids. His three kids are his greatest achievement in life. King James is a proud father of Zhuri, Maximus, and LeBron Jr. But, this time our focus is on Zhuri. Well, fathers have a special place in their hearts for the daughters. That’s how LeBron feels about his daughter.

Yes, the NBA giant decided to give his daughter a chance on the basketball court. The 3-year-old girl is having a lot of fun playing basketball with the king of basketball. That’s the privilege you get when LeBron is your father, right?

So, the king is not really doing a typical workout, and this video is more like a home training for toddlers.

LeBron having fun with his daughter. ? (via @slam_hs)

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The Instagram post went viral, and we can see LeBron playing around with his wonderful kids, including Zhuri.

The girl can’t really play a strong defense on her dad, and the father scored. But, Zhuri didn’t mind any of that. She was too busy with her chips, and LeBron kept doing his thing.

LeBron is using every single second he can be close to his family. The season is about to start, and the run will be more than wild. He has just signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and this deal is a complete game-changer. LeBron knew what he was signing for, and now is time to play the real game.

We’re more than positive about his great condition, and the King will sure cope well with the Lakers power. It would be nice to see him joining their game, especially now that some fans disapprove his departure from Cleveland. But, NBA stars are expected to get the maximum of their game, right? That’s why LeBron signed with the Lakers.

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